Your internship may be a mandatory part of your study programme or an elective course. Regardless of whether your programme involves a compulsory placement or an internship on an elective course, you can get help and practical tips on where and how to find an internship.

Find your internship

Doing an internship can give you valuable insight into the labour market, expand your network, and provide vital work experience in your chosen field.

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Things to consider when applying for an internship

  • The work tasks described in the internship vacancy should have a clear connection to your main subject.
  • Your internship should form a significant part of the organisation’s/authority’s/company’s work.
  • You should have a supervisor at your internship. The supervisor must be an employee and have experience in the field.
  • The internship must be at an established workplace, but unpaid.
  • The internship should be related to academia, not voluntary work.

Get support in applying

There is a lot of assistance available before you apply for an internship. Career Services offers help in making an inventory of your skills and formulating your application.

  • Remember to start early, and plan for the application process.
  • Find companies and organisations that interest you.
  • Update your CV.
  • Write a targeted cover letter.

You can book an individual consultation with one of our career advisers. Contact us to receive support and advice on your internship at Writing a targetted application requires work, so remember to start well ahead of time.

Internships at the Faculty of Culture and Society

Some departments at the Faculty of Culture and Society offer internship courses as electives. Talk to the staff at your faculty to find out what the situation is for your programme.