Once you have finished your studies you can apply for your degree certificate. On this page you will find a guide to applying, as well as general rules and information about degree certificates.


You apply for a degree certificate in Ladok for students. Log in to Ladok with your student account (if you do not have an active student account, you can get an eduID or use your credentials at universityadmissions.se to log in). When logging in, you will be given the opportunity to log in with one of these alternatives. In order to apply for a degree, all courses that are to be included in the degree must be completed and registered in Ladok.

Apply in Ladok for students

The degree certificate

The front page of the degree certificate states the degree title you have been awarded and your main subject. Your courses are listed on the following pages. All information is given in both Swedish and English.

You will also receive a Diploma Supplement issued in English. It describes the Swedish qualification you have been awarded, its position in the system of qualifications and the Swedish education system. The intention is to make it easier for Swedish graduates to study and work in other countries.

As of 1 January 2022, Malmö University issues digital degree certificates. The degree certificate is a PDF-file with a digital signature.

Share information about your degree

If you are a student or an alum and hold a degree, you can log in to Ladok for students and retrieve a code for sharing information about your degree. Log in to Ladok with your student account. If you do not have an active student account, you can get an eduID or you can use your credentials at universityadmissions.se. When logging in to Ladok at Malmö University, you will be given the opportunity to log in with one of these alternatives. By sharing the control code for sharing information about your degree, you make it possible for the recipient (for example, an employer) to access information about your degree and its content. If you want to see for yourself what is shared with the recipient, you can log in with the control code and your personal identity number. The same code can be used several times and for several recipients.

You share your degree by:

  • logging in to Ladok for students and go to ”Degrees and certificates”
  • selecting ”Share certificate”
  • sharing the retrieved control code with any recipient

Lost degree certificate

Have you lost your degree certificate and need a copy? For degrees issued in 2022 or earlier, please contact arkiv@mau.se. For degrees issued during 2023, please contact examen@mau.se. Note: you should not apply for a new certificate for a degree you have already been awarded.

Rules and regulations for degrees

In order to be awarded a degree, the courses listed in your application must fulfil the degree requirements of your main field of study. 

Programme students

In the syllabus, you can find the list of courses you need to complete to obtain your degree as a programme student. Generally, if you have completed your studies according to your syllabus, and completed all the listed courses, you will fulfil the degree requirements.  

To find your syllabus, visit utbildningsinfo.mau.se find your programme and select the year you were admitted to the programme.


Freestanding courses

If you have not studied a full programme, your application for a degree certificate is evaluated according to the Degree Requirements (Examensbeskrivning) for your main field of study. The Degree Requirement documents are only available in Swedish.

This type of degree usually requires a certain number of credits and in-depth studies within a main field of study, as well as a stated number of credits from elective courses. There are exceptions, as some degrees from Malmö University require the main field of study is combined with courses from a certain disciplinary domain.

If you want more information, please contact the Degree Office.

Legal framework for issuing degrees

The requirements for degree certificates are governed by the Qualifications Ordinance, an appendix to the Higher Education Ordinance. In addition, each university has the right to further regulate the degree requirements.

Read more in the Qualifications Ordinance (uhr.se)

For older regulations please contact the Degree Office.

Processing your application and reply

Your application will be placed in a queue based on the date we receive your application. We will not send a confirmation, but you can follow your case via the page “Degrees and certificates” in Ladok for students.

The processing time varies during the year but is approximately 5 – 8 weeks. If you apply for your degree in June, July, or August the processing time is likely to be close to 8 weeks due to heavy workload and vacation.

Reply to degree certificate application

The degree certificate will be sent to your email registered in Ladok.

Please make sure your contact information in Ladok is correct. It might also be a good idea to double check all your personal data in Ladok. Did you receive a Swedish personal identity number during your studies? If the number is not yet registered in Ladok, you need to report this to us in order for the number to be included on the certificate.

Unfortunately, the degree certificate sometimes ends up in a spam folder. Please make sure to check your spam folder as well.

Rejected applications and appeals

If we do not find that your application meets the requirements, you will receive a letter with an official decision rejecting your application. If you find the grounds of the decision unclear, you are welcome to contact the Degree Officer who processed your application. You will find their contact information in the letter.

If you disagree with the decision you have the right to appeal the decision within three weeks. Your appeal should be sent to Malmö University's Degree Office, but the final decision will be made by the Higher Educations Appeals Board, a national public authority.

Higher Educations Appeals Board

New or changed personal data

If you, because of a protected identity or a gender confirmation process, have received a new Swedish personal identity number, you can contact the Degree Office and request a new degree certificate.

You cannot receive a new certificate only because you changed your name.

Need a transcript of records?

You can download verifiable transcript of records in Ladok for students.

Download verifiable transcript

Study guidance for students

If you need advice about your future degree and career you can contact a study and career adviser.

Study guidance

Comments and complaints

Comments and complaints directed at the Degree Office are submitted to Annika Pfannenstill, the Head of Student Administration.