The course Internship — Reflecting on one's own practice (15 credits), is an elective course intended for students who have studied two semesters of the Media and Communication Studies: Culture, Collaborative Media, and Creative Industries, two-year master's programme. Students who have graduated from the Communication for Development, one-year master's programme, are also welcome to apply.


The course is conducted as full-time studies during the second half of the autumn semester 2023, 11 November 2024 – 19 January, 2025.

The internship must start and end within this timeframe.

Read more in the course syllabus


To be eligible for the course you must:

  • apply to the course through the online form below between 15 March and 15 April.
  • find a suitable internship and send in the details in the online form below no later than 2 June.
  • get the internship approved by the course coordinator
  • have completed at least 60 credits in your programme no later than 11 November.

Internships cannot be conducted unless all the above criteria are fulfilled.

Finding an internship

You are responsible for finding an internship yourself. The following requirements are made on the internship:

  • the internship should last at least 8 weeks/256 hours
  • the internship must be unpaid
  • the internship should be made in an established workplace (no start-ups etc.)
  • the tasks must be relevant to your subject area and should require training in the field
  • you should have a supervisor at the internship workplace

Internship abroad

After an internship at a workplace outside of Sweden is approved by the University, you will be contacted with more information about how to submit additional information to enable you to obtain an insurance certificate.

Please note that contact person and organisation details should be in the country in which you are doing your internship. Representatives from organisations in Sweden are not accepted.

You can get more info about internship abroad, insurance and scholarships here

Apply and submit details of your internship

NOTE! To get the internship approved is not the same as being eligible for the course. You must have completed 60 credits of your programme to be admitted and registered for the course.

You submit details of your internship by filling the form below no later than 2 June. You find the form here during the application round.

Contacts for the course