Safety, student representatives, plagiarism and cheating, grade review, alcohol and drugs, complaints, governance documents and guidelines. Find information on important issues concerning your rights and obligations as a student.


All students should feel that the work environment is adapted to them and their needs. At Malmö University, we work to provide a good learning environment and to prevent and minimise risks of ill-health among students. The head of department is the highest manager at each department and is responsible for the students' work environment and safety at the department.

If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions for improving the work environment for students, you are welcome to contact the head of the department you are studying at (at OD, please contact the vice dean). You can also contact the student union representatives (studentombud), who are involved in the University's work environment efforts.

Student representatives

Culture and Society (KS)

Damilare Latinwo,
Phone: 070-757 75 67

Education and Society (LS)

Yasemin Aydinkal,
Phone: 070-757 75 68

Health and Society (HS)

Gao Jie,
Phone: 070-757 75 63

Technology and Society (TS)

Samuel Bakare,
Phone: 070-757 75 69


Katja Schmidt,

Plagiarism and cheating

Plagiarism is when a student uses the content of someone else's work and passes it off as their own. This can be through textual similarity, structural similarity or similarity of ideas. Even if you are using your own words to describe an author's thoughts and conclusions, you must cite the source.

The following normally raises reasonable suspicion of plagiarism:

  • Describing/explaining someone else's idea/text in your own words without citing the source.
  • Verbatim transcription without quotation marks (with or without reference to the source).
  • Writing text, with or without reference to the source, that is too similar to the original to be considered independently formulated.

Measures in case of detected plagiarism and cheating

The disciplinary consequences for students caught plagiarising or cheating can be severe, resulting in a warning or suspension.

More about plagiarism and cheating


Self-plagiarism means reusing your own work without clearly referring to the source text that is being reused. Your own previously submitted work, such as a thesis or home exam, should be treated as a source and cited accordingly.

Plagiarism check using Ouriginal

To detect plagiarism and cheating in written reports and essays, Malmö University uses the automatic system Ouriginal. Ouriginal works by automatically scanning the written document and checking it against internet sources, course literature and previous student material.

Ouriginal reacts to whether there are similarities in the content. It is up to the examining teacher to go through the Ouriginal analysis and also manually compare the student's exam/text with the text(s) that the student's text is similar to. If the examiner sees that there is a reasonable suspicion of a disciplinary offence in the form of plagiarism, the examiner is obliged to report this to the Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University.

Helping another student cheat

It is also considered cheating to help someone else cheat. Students who allow someone else to copy their answers may face disciplinary action.

Grade review

A grading decision cannot be appealed. However, a grading decision can be corrected if there has been a clerical error or similar, or if the grading decision is clearly incorrect due to new circumstances (regulated by the Administrative Procedure Act and the Higher Education Ordinance).

The faculties have their own procedures for reviewing and correcting grades. In the first instance, you should always contact your teacher to request a review or correction.

Alcohol, drugs and doping

Malmö University aims to provide a study environment that is free from alcohol, drugs, and doping substances. Additionally, support is offered to students who need help with alcohol- and drug-related issues.

Student Health Services

Complaint procedure

If you have a complaint about the rights and responsibilities of students at Malmö University, your case can be reviewed. The basic principle is that student complaints within a faculty should be resolved by the respective faculty. Students with a complaint should first contact the relevant teacher to have the matter investigated. The Student Union Malmö has student representatives (studentombud) who can also provide support and help, regardless of whether you are a member of the Student Union.

Governance documents and guidelines

Tuition fees and expenses

Students who are citizens of an EEA country or Switzerland do not pay tuition fees. However, studying does involve other expenses such as purchasing course literature, study materials, travel in connection with placements/internships as well as accommodation and living costs.

The University is not permitted to charge fees or expenses for compulsory activities, such as study trips, unless an equivalent, free-of-charge alternative is also offered. If specific course activities are to take place at a different university, Malmö University is responsible for any fees charged by that institution, while students are responsible for the cost of transport and accommodation.