You can print and scan from different devices using credit which can be added to your Multicard by accessing our printing portal.

How to print from the University's computers

  1. Print to eduPrint-MAU, installed on every computer on the campus. 
  2. Log in to any printer with your computer identity or Multicard.
  3. Select print or other services.

Printing from your own device

MobilityPrint is Malmö University's service for printing on campus from your own devices, for example your personal computer, phone or tablet. You have to be connected to the University's Wi-Fi Eduroam when printing. Log onto the print portal and follow the instructions under the headline 'Mobility print guide'. 

Log in to the print portal

Pay for printouts

You need to pay in advance if you want to print or copy. You log in to the print portal where you can add credits to your account by paying with your credit card. Select 'Add Credits' in the menu and follow the guide. 

Prices and printing balance

Black and white

A4 single-sided 0.50 SEK/ page 0.50 SEK
A4 double-sided 0.50 SEK/ page 1.00 SEK
A3 single-sided 0.80 SEK/ page 0.80 SEK
A3 double-sided 0.80 SEK/ page 1.60 SEK


A4 single-sided 0.80 SEK/ page 0.80 SEK
A4 double-sided 0.80 SEK/ page 1.60 SEK
A3 single-sided 1.60 SEK/ page 1.60 SEK
A3 double-sided 1.60 SEK/ page 3.20 SEK

Check your balance and printing history

You can easily check you balance via the print portal where you also can see your printing history. 

Scan to your email, home directory or cloud service

You can choose to scan documents directly to your home directory, email and cloud service through the print portal. Please note that the sender of the email will appear as ''. If you cannot see the scan in your inbox, check your spam folder. 

Scanning files

Check the size of your documents

If you cannot seem to scan the files to your email, it might be because the file exceeds the size limit. Printers at the University allow scanning of documents up to 150 MB. The most common email services, however, have a limit on the size of attached documents, so check the limit for the email service you are using if you are experiencing issues. 

Scan directly to your home directory if the file is too large for the email server

  1. Log in to the printer
  2. Choose 'Unit function'
  3. Click on the house icon
  4. Click on 'ShareScan'
  5. Choose 'Scan to Home Folder' (=your home directory, M:)
  6. You will see a picture of the document you want to scan, click 'Finish' to scan and send it to the home directory. The file name will be scan_to_Desktop_ddmmyy_nnnnnn
  7. You can scan multiple pages one after the other. Press the top button in the preview mode to scan the next page. You will find information about the number of scanned pages on the screen.