Check out the scholarship opportunities for students at Malmö University!

Scholarships for studies at Malmö University

Each year, Malmö University offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified master students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who are required to pay tuition fees. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, experience and motivation. They cover the entire cost of tuition but do not cover other living expenses.

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Swedish Institute Scholarships

The Swedish Institute coordinates a number of different scholarships for master's programmes. Please be aware you are not eligible for such a scholarship if you are studying on a distance learning programme. 

Swedish Institute Scholarships

Faculty-specific scholarships

These are scholarships exclusively available to students studying at a specific faculty at the University. 

Scholarship for students at the Faculty of Technology and Society

Students at the Faculty of Technology and Society can apply for a scholarship during the autumn semester. Funds are available from Beijer's incentive fund for Mechanical Engineering and the foundation Premie- och stipendiekassan.


Apply by filling out the online form available during the application period 15 September – 15 October. For your application to be considered, it must be submitted before the deadline. 

Please note that our administrators can only access Ladok results registered at Malmö University. If you wish us to consider studies at another university, approved leave from studies, student exchange programmes, illness*, individual study plans, etc. you must send supporting documents (for example Ladok transcript, individual study plan). 

Credits must be registered in Ladok on the last day of application. Credits gained during the same semester as the period you are applying, are not admissible.

Supporting documents 

Send supporting documents to, or to:

Malmö University
Marianne Hedstigen
205 06 Malmö

*Please note that documents of a sensitive nature, such as medical certificates, should NOT be submitted to the University. These are instead to be shown to the administrator. For further information send an email to

Beijer's incentive fund for Mechanical Engineering

Scholarships of 10,000 SEK each are awarded to students with exceptionally good academic results in the field of mechanical engineering.

In order to apply, you need to be admitted and registered on a course within the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree or the Computational Materials Science Master’s Programme (Two-Year) at Malmö University during the 2021 autumn semester.

Premie- och stipendiekassan

The total scholarship sum amounts to 17,500 SEK which can be awarded either as one payment or divided up into smaller sums. The aim of the scholarship is to encourage and support students. It is awarded to individuals or groups for :

  • efforts to strengthen the reputation of their education
  • initiatives for promoting good team spirit in their education
  • support in connection with studies abroad,
  • degree or project work carried out in this field.

Processing of personal data

The processing of personal data is based on your consent. You can withdraw your consent until a decision has been taken on awarding a scholarship, in which case your data may not be retained or further processed without any other legal basis.

By collecting information about your education and your personal identification number, Malmö University will verify your study results. The data will be processed for up to three weeks after the application deadline, after which decisions on scholarship allocation are made. Your data will be saved until a decision on deletion is made in accordance with the requirements imposed on the University as a public authority. 

You can find out about what personal data has been collected by the University or comment on the processing of this data by contacting Marianne Hedstigen or </a ></a > Complaints that cannot be resolved by Malmö University can be sent to The Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Scholarships from other organisations

Information about current scholarships that are sent to the university is posted in the folder linked below. As well as on the bulletin board by the reception at the Student Service Centre.

Current scholarships

Scholarships for going abroad

You can apply for scholarships for doing internships, writing your thesis, or studying abroad. 

Scholarship for internships abroad: Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship in Europe

This scholarship can help you to cover some of the costs if you choose to do an internship in Europe. You are expected to have a full-time internship during the entire period. There are several ways to apply:

  • As part of an internship course at Malmö University, where you spend your internship at a company or an organisation in Europe.
  • Outside of your regular programme at Malmö University. You are doing your internship during your studies and while you are registered at your programme. For instance between semesters. 
  • You apply for the scholarship in order to do an internship after you have finished your programme, as a so-called recent graduate.
  • In the context of writing your thesis. You are registered for thesis studies at Malmö University and examined in Malmö but collect your data, do a field study or the like at a company or an organisation in Europe.

Read more about the Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship in Europe and apply here

Scholarship for writing your thesis abroad: Minor Field Studies

 Funded by Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the scholarship comprises 27 000 SEK for students who wish to go to a low or middle-income country to collect material for their bachelor's or master's thesis for a minimum of eight weeks. The scholarship can be applied for individually or in pair together with another student

Who can apply?

The scholarship is available to students with Swedish citizenship or a permanent residence permit in Sweden. It is also available to students from other Nordic countries, who are not Swedish citizens, that have been registered in Sweden for at least one year at the time they are granted the scholarship

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Are you going to study abroad? Apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship

If you are studying abroad with Erasmus+, you can apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship. The scholarship is based on what country you are conducting your exchange studies in, and the number of days you will be there.

Erasmus+ student mobility

The scholarship is based on what country you are conducting your exchange studies in, and the number of days that you will be away. Students who have been selected for an exchange within the Erasmus + programme will receive information on the application process for the scholarship.

In what countries is the scholarship available?

All EU countries are part of the Erasmus+ programme, as well as Iceland, Turkey, North Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Serbia and Norway. 

Who can apply?

Only students who have been nominated for an exchange within the Erasmus+-programme are able to apply for the scholarship. You must, therefore, apply for exchange studies first. All available positions within the Erasmus+ programme are announced at the faculties twice per year, so be sure to keep yourself posted about open positions related to your field of study to get more information about what partner universities you can apply to. Deadline for application for exchange studies during the autumn semester is March 15, and October 15 for exchange studies during the spring semester.

You can be awarded an Erasmus + scholarship for studies and/or internship for a limit of 12 months per study level. So you can go as many times as you like throughout your education, as long as you do not exceed 12 months in total per level; 12 months for bachelor's level, 12 months for master's level, 12 months for PhD level.

Amount of scholarship

The scholarships vary from €360-420/month (academic year 2018/19). 

Students with a disability may apply for extra funds in the case of a permanent disability that would incur additional costs for the exchange. Students who go on exchange studies with accompanying children have the opportunity to apply for a special supplement.

Students who go on exchange studies with accompanying children have the opportunity to apply for a special supplement.