Check out the scholarship and travel grant opportunities for students at Malmö University: faculty scholarships for academic excellence, oaHSen, grants for exchange studies or traineeships abroad, and other scholarships.

Malmö University Excellence Scholarship

Malmö University offers a limited number of scholarships for current fee-paying students who are performing with excellence at their studies. The Malmö University Excellence Scholarship (MUES) is awarded as a tuition fee waiver for the upcoming academic year. It covers partial or up to the full tuition fee but does not cover other expenses, such as living costs.

MUES – how does it work?

Fee-paying students, currently enrolled in a programme at Malmö University, can apply if they start their second or third year of studies in the upcoming Autumn semester. Students must have completed all their courses included in the programme study plan prior to the time of application for scholarship. 

The selection of those awarded will be based solely on performance during the ongoing academic year. Eligible students will receive more information on how to apply for the scholarship. 


  • The scholarship application round for the academic year 2024/25 is open as of April 2024.
  • The number and value of MUES-scholarships awarded each year depend on the resources available. 

Other scholarships

There are scholarships exclusively available to students studying at a certain programme or faculty at the University. 

OaHSen travel grant (HS)

As a student at bachelor’s and master’s level at the Faculty of Health and Society, you can apply for a travel grant. The grant is applicable for international activities relevant to your studies and can be awarded a maximum of two times during your study programme, but only once per journey.

Applications are ongoing, and the maximum amount that can be granted is 5,000 SEK per application. You submit your application online in MoveON, but before starting, you should write a motivation letter, and create a cost estimate.

Motivation Letter: In this letter, you need to describe the purpose of the trip, what you hope to gain from the activity, and how it relates to your education, and future profession. The letter should be

  • maximum of 500 words
  • written in Times New Roman font
  • size 12
  • with a single spacing

Cost Estimate: Include expenses for travel, accommodation, and subsistence. Use this template.

Link to application for OaHSen

After submitting the application online, it is also necessary to download it and email it to Katarina Wingkvist. The decision will be emailed to you once your application has been processed. You will receive the travel grant after you have reported your costs. Remember to keep all original receipts for the expenses you mention in your application.

Travel grants will not be considered in the following cases

A student cannot receive this grant if they already have received a grant from Nordplus, Erasmus+, MFS, Linnaeus Palme and the Foundation Anna Kristina Gustafsson and Oscar Gustafssons, or from the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

State your expenses according to the receipts

Fill out the form for expenses (in Swedish) and email it, along with copies of your receipts, to Marianne Kisthinios. This must be submitted no later than one month after your return. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Reimbursement form for cash expenses (Box)

Contact persons

The Premie- och stipendiekassan Foundation (TS)

Each autumn semester a total sum of 17,500 SEK is awarded as encouragement and support to students at the Faculty of Technology and Society. Funds can be granted as a single scholarship or divided up into smaller scholarships to individuals or groups for:

  • efforts to strengthen the prestige and status of their education,
  • efforts for promoting good team spirit in their education,
  • support for studies abroad,
  • thesis or project work carried out in this field.

How to apply

Applications are made through an online form that is open during the application round (15 September to 15 October). Applicants must also provide a brief statement about what project or assignment the application refers to, who initiated it, the period of time and duration of the project or assignment, if it was salaried, as well as contact details to reference persons who can vouch for the efforts made. Submit your statement to

You will find complete information about the scholarship and the application process in the latest scholarship announcement.

Scholarship announcement: the Premie- och stipendiekassan Foundation 2023

Beijer's incentive fund for Mechanical Engineering

Each autumn semester, scholarships of 10,000 SEK each will be granted to students with exceptionally good academic results in the field of mechanical engineering. The application round is open from 15 September to 15 October.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

  • be registered on a course within the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree or within Computational Materials Science Master’s Programme (Two-Year) during the current semester
  • be attending at least your third semester within the programme
  • have accumulated 30 higher education credits per semester within your programme. Consideration may be taken in the case of approved leave from studies, student exchange programmes, higher education credit transfer, illness, etc.

How to apply

Applications are made through the an online form that is open during the application round.

If you want us to consider irregularities in your course of study, such as studies at other universities, approved leave from studies, student exchange programmes, higher education credit transfer or illness, you must verify them by certification. Submit your supporting documents to

Do not submit by email documents containing sensitive data, such as medical certificates. Please contact for more information about how to provide us with the necessary certification.

You will find complete information about the scholarship and the application process in the latest scholarship announcement.

Scholarship announcement: Beijer's incentive fund for Mechanical Engineering 2023

Data protection and integrity

The processing of your personal data when applying for a scholarship managed by Malmö University is based on your consent. Until a decision has been made on the award of a scholarship, you can withdraw your consent. In such a case, the data may not be retained or processed further without another legal basis.

By collecting information about your education and your personal identification number, Malmö University will verify your study results. The data will be processed for up to three weeks after the application deadline, after which decisions on scholarship allocations are made. Your data will be saved until a decision on deletion is made in accordance with the requirements imposed on the University as a public authority. 

You can find out about what personal data has been collected by the University or comment on the processing of this data by contacting Anna-Lina Brunell. Comments on the processing of personal data can be submitted to the University's Data Protection Officer at Complaints that cannot be resolved with Malmö University can be submitted to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.


Email us you questions about TS scholarships. Contact persons for the OaHSen travel grant can be found above.

Scholarships for studies at Malmö University

Each year, Malmö University offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified master students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who are required to pay tuition fees. 

Malmö University Master's Scholarship

Scholarships for going abroad

You can apply for scholarships for doing internships, writing your thesis, or studying abroad. 

Erasmus+ grant for internship abroad

Erasmus+ offers students the possibility to apply for a grant for an internship in Europe. The grant is intended to help you cover any additional costs in connection with your time abroad. Before you can apply for the grant, you must find an appropriate internship and have it approved.

Erasmus+ traineeship grant in Europe

The Crafoord Foundation Travel Grant

Malmö University students can apply for Crafoord Foundation travel grants of 15,000 SEK to travel to a country outside of Europe/EEA for a minimum of three weeks to collect data for their bachelor's or master's thesis.

Crafoord Foundation Travel Grant

Are you going to study abroad? Apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship

If you are studying abroad with Erasmus+, you can apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship. The scholarship is based on which country you are conducting your exchange studies in, and the number of days you will be there.

Erasmus+ scholarships for exchange studies

Scholarships from other organisations

Find out about scholarships that have been submitted to Malmö University.

Janne Kempe Scholarship Fund

The Janne Kempe Scholarship Fund rewards degree projects with application within the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry. Nominations can be made by students who have written their bachelor's or master's thesis or by teachers who have supervised a thesis within the field. The degree project must have been approved in 2023 or 2024.

Application deadline: 31 august 2024

Send nominated degree projects to

Find more information at

JMK Women in Business Scholarship

The Jane M. Klausman (JMK) Women in Business Scholarship is a Zonta International scholarship programme that helps women pursue undergraduate and master's degrees in business management.

Scholarship sum: 5,000 USD

Application deadline: 15 August 2024

Applications are sent to

Learn more at

Vanbruun Gold Scholarship for studies abroad

Each year the Vanbruun Gold Scholarship is awarded to encourage Scandinavian students to study abroad to broaden their perspectives within their field of study as well as in terms of human relations and culture. The scholarship is open to students enrolled in full-time studies at a Scandinavian college, university, or vocational college.

Scholarship sum: 1000 euros

Application round open April to August.

Applications are sent to

Learn more at