The application for exchange studies is open twice a year. When to apply depends on whether you want to apply for a place inside or outside of Europe. You should find out what seats are available for your faculty or department and then start your application. You can find out which semester you can go on exchange studies by looking at your programme's syllabus.

Application periods

Autumn application period: September 15 - October 15. This period is for application to exchange places outside Europe for the next academic year. There may also be a few places in Europe to apply to for the upcoming spring semester.

Spring application period: February 15 - March 15. For application to exchange places in Europe for the next academic year. There may also be a few places outside of Europe to apply to for the upcoming spring semester.

Apply online in MoveON

  • your application should be written in English
  • you log in with your computer ID and password
  • you can choose up to five universities – students at the Department of Global Political Studies (GPS) can choose a maximum of four universities
  • attach all supporting documentation
  • you can start your application, save it and update it later, but start well in advance of the deadline!
  • note the application deadline. For your application to be complete it must contain all your supporting documents.

Apply online for exchange studies

Study Plan — the courses you want to study at your host university

The Study Plan is part of your digital application and shows which courses you want to study. You must complete a Study Plan for each university you are applying to, so if you apply to three universities, you then make three different Study Plans.

More about your Study Plan

Your Study Plan shows which courses you are interested in studying at the host university. If you are applying to universities outside Europe, you may need to apply as early as one-and-a-half years (3 semesters) before the exchange, which could mean many universities will not have course information available at this point.

In this case, you can use the courses available when you apply, to show examples of what you want to study. If you cannot find relevant courses, you can list topics or programmes that are of interest to you.

You are to find courses, equivalent to 30 higher education credits, that can be related to your education. The course choices that you specify in your application are not absolute. Should you be nominated, your course choices can be changed many times before you start your exchange. If you study abroad during your elective semester, the courses choice is relatively free. If there are any general restrictions regarding the course choice, you will find information about it in the current announcement.

Check out the host university’s course offerings

Finding the courses/subjects offered usually takes some time, so be patient and set aside time to familiarise yourself with the university's webpages.

  • A tip is to search for the name of the university + fact sheet to find the course offerings
  • look for keywords like ‘inbound/incoming exchange’
  • use the search field and click on keywords like ‘exchange/visiting student’
  • there is often a landing page for exchange students that contains academic and practical information
  • look for terms like ‘units/subjects/courses/modules’. Sometimes you must click on specific programmes to find different courses.

Your may also check the university's Fact Sheet. It usually includes information about course offerings. Find the Fact Sheet for the university that you are interested in in our Partner Exchange World Map.

Malmö University Partner Exchange World Map

To see how many credits at the host university you need to study in order to reach the equivalent of full-time studies (30 higher education credits), you can check the list of partner universities outside of Europe.

Full-time credits at our partner universities

Supporting documents for your application

You must attach the following supporting documents to your digital application. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully. Applications that are incomplete will not be processed.

1. Statement of purpose

Your Statement of Purpose is a personal letter, which can be no longer than one A4 page. In the letter you should state:

  • why you want to study abroad

  • how the studies relate to your main subject at Malmö University

  • how the exchange will develop you both academically and personally

  • you should also justify your choice of all universities in the letter, explaining why you have chosen your alternatives. You should write one letter per application, not one per university you are applying to.

The letter should be written in English if the classes you intend to take are taught in English. If classes are held in another language, you should write the letter in that language and attach an English translation.

You can get support from Malmö University’s Career Services with workshops in writing a personal letter.

Career Services at Malmö University

2. CV

Your CV should be written in English and be no longer than one A4 page.

It should contain:

  • relevant education

  • work experience

  • other relevant activities

  • optional:  a portrait photo 

You should not attach grades, work certificates or similar documents that prove your CV. It will be requested if required. You can also get tips and support through Malmö University's Career Services and CV writing workshops.

Career Services at Malmö University

3. Documents that support your language skills

At some universities there are language requirements that you need to meet to be admitted. Read more about which documents are required under the eligibility requirements.

4. Upload a photo

Upload a photo to your application in MoveON.


If you are studying freestanding courses, you must attach a Study Description which describes how you plan to graduate from Malmö University, and how your exchange semester fits into your future degree.

Submit your application

When you are satisfied with your digital application you need to save and 'submit' the application. After submission you will receive a receipt in the form of a PDF document of your full application. Please make sure you receive this PDF and contact us in the event that it is not generated in the system. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, students are not required to hand in a printed version.

Deadline for your application

Deadline is 00.00 (midnight), March 15 and October 15 respectively.

Eligibility requirements

Read through the general eligibility requirements that you must fulfil.

General eligibility requirements

  • applicants must have completed at least one year of full-time studies at Malmö University (60 credits) upon departure
  • at the time of application, the applicant must be an active student at Malmö University

  • At the time of application, the applicant must have completed at least 75 per cent of the studies for which the applicant has been registered during the previous semester, unless there are specific reasons why this has not been achieved.
  • the courses that you intend to study should be able to count towards your degree at Malmö University

  • the studies at the partner university must be conducted full-time, corresponding to 30 higher education credits, and cover at least three months (12 weeks)

  • the applicant must have good language skills in English or in the language in which the teaching is conducted (if other than English). See below for more detailed information on languages ​​in exchange studies

  • the applicant shall be deemed suitable for study abroad and be considered a good ambassador for Malmö University

  • applicants studying freestanding courses can apply for exchange studies if they meet the eligibility requirements. The courses the applicant take during the exchange should count towards their degree from Malmö University, which means that they must attach a plan explaining how they plan to take their degree at Malmö University

  • the applicant must, at the time of application to the partner university (after being nominated by their faculty), have completed all courses on which the applicant was registered during the previous semester. Please note that this requirement differs between different faculties, so make sure you know what the requirement is where you study

To be eligible, the student must also accept the following requirements:

  • evaluate the exchange after returning to Malmö, for the sake of future students
  • after returning to Malmö, participate in different information meetings about exchange studies to share experiences

  • be a student at either undergraduate or graduate level

  • for exchange studies within Erasmus+, special requirements apply in connection with the application for Erasmus+ scholarship for exchange studies

Eligibility requirements for Linnaeus-Palme:

In addition to the general requirements listed above, the applicant must be a Swedish citizen or have a permanent residence permit in Sweden.

Eligibility requirements for Erasmus+:

In addition to the above general requirements, the following applies to Erasmus+. The student must go on an exchange in a country other than the country where the university is located (Sweden) or where the student lives. Students may not commute to an Erasmus+ exchange, e.g. from Malmö to Denmark.

Read more about the Erasmus+ scholarship for exchange studies

Language requirements for exchange studies

Language requirements for exchange studies outside Europe (generally all universities in Asia, Australia, North America)

Unless otherwise stated in the announcement, one of the following applies:

  • a TOEFL/IELTS test with a result accepted by the host university (result may not be older than two years). See each university's website for which test they accept and what results they require, or;

  • Swedish upper secondary school grades not older than five years at time of application to host university:
     - final school grades in English B from Swedish upper secondary school with at least grade VG, or;
    - final school grades in English 6 from Swedish upper secondary school with the grade A, B or C, or;
    - final school grades in English B from IB (International Baccalaureate) with at least grade 4

Other qualifications, in accordance with the partner university's language requirements, may apply. In this case, these are listed in the comments field in the announcement. If there is nothing specific about language requirements in the comment field, only the credits mentioned above apply.

  • If you do not have a valid grade or test result when applying, you should write a plan for how these language skills should be obtained before the time of departure. Examples are reading the grade on Komvux, or alternatively doing the TOEFL/IELTS test. A valid grade/test result must be handed in at the start of the semester before the exchange.

  • Go to the TOEFL website
  • Go to the IELTS website

Language requirements for Erasmus+

  • the applicant must have good language skills in English or in the language in which the teaching is conducted if other than English

  • for some exchange places, the partner university may require formal qualifications in the language in which the teaching is conducted. Please see the announcement of exchange study places for information about each university.

Language requirements for Linnaeus-Palme

The applicant must have good language skills in English or in the language in which the teaching is conducted, if other than English.

Language requirements for Nordplus

The applicant must have good language skills in English or in the language in which the teaching is conducted, usually Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.

Language requirements at universities where the language of instruction is other than English

If you are applying to a university where the language of instruction is different from English, you must submit:

  • Documents that demonstrate your knowledge of that language. For example, a certificate from a language school or the result of a language test.
  • If you do not have a certificate, you can explain in your Statement of Purpose how you learned the language and what level you think you are at. Exceptions are universities that require official certificates (see the announcement for specific requirements).

Criteria for assessing applications

  • academic merits
  • personal motivation
  • language skills
  • choice of courses and possibilities for credit transfer

If there are more applications than the number of available exchange placements, the applications will be compared. Academic qualifications and course choices will be reviewed, as well as the Statement of Purpose together with the students' language skills.

Questions about your application or supporting documents

If you have questions about your application or supporting documents, contact the international administrator at your faculty or department.

Contact information for your international administrator