Your computer identity is required for a variety of services. Your Multicard is needed in order to get access to some of the University's premises, to be able to copy and print, and to borrow library books.

Computer identity

You use your computer identity throughout your studies to log on to computers and online services. When you have a computer identity, you can get a Wi-Fi account and access the Eduroam wireless network. A computer identity is also needed for you to be able to order a Multicard for access to premises and printers. 

Order your computer identity

  • You need to be admitted or registered on a course or a programme.
  • You need access to the email account you used to apply to Malmö University through

Order your computer identity through IDservice

Multicard – your key to the University

You need a Multicard to access the University’s premises. Our buildings are not open to the public because of the corona pandemic. Therefore, it is important that you pick up your card before the start of the semester in order to access the University's buildings. Without a card and PIN code, you will not be able to enter our buildings.

The Multicard is also needed to copy, print, borrow books from the library and when taking an exam. You can find more information about borrowing books on the Library webpage.

How to get your Multicard

For students starting their studies spring 2021

You can get your multicard at Houseservice in:

  • Orkanen, weekdays 10-12, or
  • Faculty of Health and Society, weekdays 10-14.

1. Log in to IDService and order your card

To order a Multicard, log in to IDService, click on the link "Order Multicard", and then follow the instructions.

2. Find your PIN code

You can find the PIN code of your card in IDService under your Profile > Self-service > Multikort. Here, you can also change the PIN code. You will be able to access the University's premises within 12 hours after you have picked up your card.

3. Picking up your Multicard

The Multicard is free of charge and can be picked up two days after ordering. Be sure to bring a valid photo-ID.

Rules for Multicards

  • The card is personal and may not be lent to any other person. You are responsible for the card and how it is used. 
  • When you are on University premises you must present the card to security personnel who patrol our buildings. This applies after office hours Mondays through to Fridays and all hours on Saturdays and Sundays, including holidays.
  • The card must be signed when issued. By signing it, you accept the above regulations.

If you lose your Multicard, report it in IDService

If you lose your Multicard you need to report it at IDService. On your profile page, under the headline 'Self service', choose 'Manage' next to your Multicard and click on 'Report missing card'. You can only order a new card once a report has been filed.

Keep in mind that when you register your Multicard as lost, the following features will be blocked:

  • Library lending
  • Printing/ copying function
  • Access to closed facilities

Found Multicards

If you find a Multicard you must hand it in at the reception or to the helpdesk.