Your computer identity is required for a variety of services. Your multicard is needed in order to get access to some of the University's premises, to be able to copy and print, and to borrow library books.

Computer identity

You use your computer identity (computer ID) throughout your studies to log on to computers and online services. When you have a computer identity, you can get a Wi-Fi account and access the Eduroam wireless network. A computer identity is also needed for you to be able to order a multicard for access to premises and printers. 

Order your computer identity

  • You need to be admitted or registered on a course or a programme.
  • You need access to the email account you used to apply to Malmö University through
  • For those starting in spring 2024, the earliest you can order your computer identity is 22 December.

Order your computer identity through IDservice

Upgrade the assurance level of your computer identity

Students must upgrade the assurance level of their computer identity to be able to log into Ladok for students. Please note that only students with a Swedish personal identity number must upgrade the assurance level of their computer identity.

Upgrade the assurance level (manual)

If you already have a computer identity or forgotten your password

If you already have a computer identity from Malmö University, you cannot get a new one. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one via IDService.

Reset your password

If your computer identity is inactive

If you have created a computer identity before and are now enrolled in new courses at Malmö University, your account will be automatically reactivated.

The study administration at the department you belong to can help you with the reactivation of your computer identity. The IT support can help you if you are unsure why your account is inactive.

Contact the Study Administration
Contact the IT support

Multicard – your key to the University

With a multicard and a PIN code, you can access the University’s premises. The multicard is also needed to copy, print and borrow books from the library.

Borrowing and requesting books

How to get your multicard

1. Log in to IDService and order your card

To order a multicard, log in to, click on the link "Multicard", and then follow the instructions. 

2. Find your card number and PIN code

You can find your card number and the PIN code in IDService under "Handle your card". 

If you need help ordering the multicard

Please contact the IT support if you have any questions or if you need help when ordering your multicard.

Contact our IT support

Delivery of Multicards

  • The Multicard is free of charge and delivered to any address in Sweden. The delivery takes about 5 to 14 days after you have ordered your card. If you do not have a Swedish address, the card can be delivered to the reception at Niagara. You can see the delivery status at
  • The status ”Sent from the provider” means that the card has been produced and sent by post from the card provider to the address or delivery point you specified in your order.
  • If the post service is unable to deliver to the selected address for any reason, the card will be returned to Malmö University. In this case, you will receive an email with information about a new pick-up location.
  • If more than 21 days have passed since you ordered your Multicard and you still haven't received it, you can block the card at and place a new order.

If you lose your Multicard, block it

If you lose your multicard, go to IDService. Click on 'Multicard' and then 'Manage your card'. Click then on 'disable' next to your current card number.

Keep in mind that when you register your multicard as lost, the following features will be blocked:

  • Library card function
  • Printing/copying function
  • Access to facilities

Found multicards

If you find a multicard you must hand it in at the reception or to the helpdesk.

Rules for Multicards

  • The card is personal and may not be lent to any other person. You are responsible for the card and how it is used. 
  • When you are on University premises you must present the card to security personnel who patrol our buildings. This applies after office hours Mondays through to Fridays and all hours on Saturdays and Sundays, including holidays.
  • The card must be signed when issued. By signing it, you accept the above regulations.
  • The multicard is also valid as a library card at Malmö University Library. When you order the multicard you agree to follow the library's rules.