Are you interested in innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you have an idea that you want to turn into reality? Find out what support is available to you at Malmö University.

Do you have an idea you want to develop?

As a concept, entrepreneurship covers many areas. It can mean anything from starting a business to having an enterprising, ambitious attitude in general. Sometimes, this drive is likened to creativity: the ability to see opportunities where no-one else has seen them, or to recognise that improvements are needed because times have changed.

At Malmö University you can get support for concrete processes in areas such as:

  • Idea development
  • Financing and grants
  • Partnerships
  • Prototyping and pretotyping
  • How to protect your idea

Curiosity is the first step

You don’t need to have an idea to get innovation and entrepreneurship support at Malmö University. Our support is also directed towards curious people who want to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovative projects or those who wonder which programmes and courses at Malmö University have innovation and/or entrepreneurship components.

How to protect your idea?

What exactly is a patent? How do you get one? And what do all those symbols mean? There are a lot of questions around intangible assets, their protection, and your rights. While you should keep certain ideas secret, others are worth sharing so that they can be developed and refined.

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Scholarship from the Sten K Johnson Foundation

The Sten K Johnson Foundation offers grants in areas including entrepreneurship, medicine, technology, and education. The grants range in value from around 15,000 SEK.

The grants are applicable to specific, clearly defined projects with detailed, clear plans, an explicit goal, a timetable, and a budget. Applications are assessed on criteria like innovativeness, benefit to society, and interdisciplinarity.

Read more about the scholarship and apply