You are accepted when you have submitted your application to your host university, and it has officially sent you a letter of acceptance. Keep track of what you need to do next.

Information regarding the coronavirus and COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19, the University is following the updates and recommendations from The Public Health Agency.

Information and recommendations regarding the coronavirus

Checklist for your stay abroad

The following information applies to all countries.

Letter of acceptance from your host university

You will receive your letter of acceptance from your host university by email or mail. Make sure that all dates for your stay are correct. If requested, reply to your offer and fill out any forms from your host university.

Upload a copy of your letter of acceptance to the MoveON database under the tab 'Before the mobility'.

Email your international coordinator at your faculty and let them know you've uploaded the document. If your letter of acceptance does not contain information about the start and end date for your exchange, you must send in this information by including a link to the host university's website with the start and end date for the semester. This information is often called an 'academic calendar'.

Upload your document in MoveON

Student grants and loans for studies abroad

If you are entitled to student grants and loans through the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN), you can apply for financial support for your exchange semester. We recommend that you apply for support for two semesters, even if you are only planning to go on exchange for one semester.

In addition to funding for your studies, you can apply for extra student loans for, for example, travel and any insurance. You can read more on CSN's website.

Student grants and loans for studies outside Sweden

If you are going on exchange with Erasmus+, you can download its app with tips and useful information for your exchange semester.

Download the app

Erasmus+ scholarship for studies abroad

Detailed information about the Erasmus+ scholarship for exchange studies and how to apply is sent to the students who go on exchange within the Erasmus+ programme.

For questions about the Erasmus+ programme, contact Rebecca Arklöf


Provided that you are registered for exchange studies in Ladok, you are insured through the Kammarkollegiet's Student UT insurance policy during your studies. Your insurance certificate will be sent to the email address you provided when you made your application for exchange studies.

The insurance is valid for the time that you spend in the host country.

If something happens during the time you are away, you report this by making a claim. Information about the claim form can be found on the Kammarkollegiet's website.

Read more about the Student UT insurance

Attend the ’kick-off’

You will be invited to a 'kick-off' for students who are about to go on exchange studies. At this meeting, you will receive information that can make your preparations a bit easier. Over a cup of coffee, you get to talk to students who are going on exchange, as well as exchange students who are currently in Malmö.

Learning Agreement

Make sure you get your Learning Agreement signed by your course/programme coordinator at Malmö University before departure. It must also be signed by your host university. You must get your courses approved to get your credits transferred once you're back.

Remember that it is your responsibility as a student to make sure that you study the equivalent of 30 higher education credits during your exchange and that the number of credits in your Learning Agreement is correct.

When your Learning Agreement is complete and contains all information and signatures, upload a copy to the MoveON database under the tab 'Before the mobility'. Email your international coordinator at your faculty and let them know you've uploaded the document. Make sure you only upload your Learning Agreement once it is complete.

Upload your Learning Agreement in the MoveOn database

Exchange studies outside Europe, within Nordplus or Linnaeus-Palme

If you go to exchange studies outside Europe, within Nordplus or Linnaeus-Palme, use the general Learning Agreement below.

Learning Agreement

Exchange studies within Erasmus+

Students who go to exchange studies within the Erasmus+ programme must use the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement. Find your Learning Agreement below depending on at which faculty/department that you study.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

Please note that your International Coordinator may require that you use the electronic version of the Erasmus+ learning agreement, the so called Erasmus+ Online Learning Agreement (OLA). You will be contacted directly if this is the case. You shall not initiate an online learning agreement yourself but your International Coordinator will do that for you.

Erasmus+ Online Learning Agreement

Register in Ladok

For you to be insured through the University and to receive student grants and loans, you must be admitted to exchange studies in Ladok. This is done once you've uploaded your letter of acceptance in MoveON and notified the international coordinator at your faculty.

You can find more information about your admission to your host university at the top of this checklist.

Ladok Student

Sometimes you need to send a reference letter with your application for exchange studies to the host university. You can use the templates below.

Download the study abroad guide

Find useful information about exchange semesters in our Study Abroad Guide.

Study Abroad Guide


Find out in good time if you need any vaccination for the country you are going to.

Visa and residence permit for studies

  • if you wish to study outside of the EU: apply in good time
  • if you are a Swedish citizen and going to study in the EU: If you are going to stay for more than three months, you must apply for a residence permit once you’re in the country