The degree project, or thesis, is the major academic work you do at the end of your studies. Templates for degree projects and information about support on hand during the writing process are available, as too are details of what happens after it is registered.

Template for degree project cover sheets

To ensure a uniform look for all degree projects at Malmö University, there is a template in Word format that you can download and use as a cover sheet. You can add a picture or photo if you choose.

Once you have finished your degree project

As of January 1, 2018, Malmö University has been digitally archiving completed degree projects. The information below applies to all students.

Register your degree project in Malmö University Electronic Publishing (MUEP)

You need to register mandatory information about your degree project, such as its title, programme you are studying and if you want the thesis to be published publicly or not. Published degree projects are archived after grading in 'Malmö University Electronic Publishing' (MUEP) by a study administrator.

Step-by-step guide on how to register your degree project in MUEP

  1. Go to  and click on 'Login' under the heading 'My account' on the right side of the page. If the project is co-authored, it is enough for just one person to complete the registration. Do not forget to provide the names and personal identification number of both authors.
  2. Log in with your computer identity, the same identity you use when logging in to any of the University's computers. If you have forgotten your computer username and/or password, please contact the Helpdesk. If you want to publish your degree project after you have finished your studies, when you are no longer a student, please contact
  3. When you have logged in, click on 'Student'.
  4. Choose what faculty and school/department you have studied at, as well as the name of your programme. Click 'Submit a new item to this collection'.
  5. Check the box next to 'I grant the licence' and click 'Next'. You will retain the right to your work and can contact if you want to make the pdf non-editable. 
  6. Fill in information about your degree project: author, title, keywords, abstract etc. Click 'Next'.
    You also must specify if you want the degree project to be open for reading or not with the 'Essay On-line' option  – you answer 'yes' or 'no' to display the pdf file in MUEP.
  7. Please note that you should not upload your pdf file. This will be done by a study administrator. Continue to the next page by clicking 'Next'. 
  8. On the following page, you can make alterations to your submission if necessary. When you are satisfied that it is accurate and complete, click 'Complete submission'.

When you have completed the registration, a notification email is sent to your study administrator who will make sure your degree project has passed. If you stated that you want the degree project to be visible in the database, the pdf file will be published and be searchable via various search engines.

Do you want to make edits to your thesis after registration? For theses published after January 1, 2018, contact the study administration for approval of changes.

Please note, if you can see your degree project under the heading 'Submissions being reviewed', it is awaiting approval by the study administrator and is being reviewed. If your degree project is visible under the heading 'Unfinished submissions', then you have not completed your registration (or it has been sent back as incomplete (you will receive email notification if this is the case). To complete the registration, click on the title and click through the steps above once more.

Degree projects with non-written content

If your project consists of any non-written content, you must contact the course coordinator before the examination to receive information on how these parts of the project should be documented.

Submit your thesis on time

You must submit your degree project according to the procedures outlined by the course coordinator, and, if necessary, make printouts of the degree project document to be used by the examiner and external reviewer. 

Submit an amended version

After receiving your grade, you may need to submit an amended version of your degree project if the examiner requires you to do so.

When your degree project has been approved

  • the study administrator publishes the final degree project document in MUEP and, if necessary, adds any missing mandatory information;
  • the student study administrator registers the student’s grade in Ladok; and
  • the degree project document is archived in the University’s e-archive. Any non-written content is archived according to an agreement with the student.