The Student Health Service helps you with questions and concerns regarding your health and studies. We offer counselling and advice from counsellors and nurse. All appointments are free of charge, confidential and noted in your medical record. We also offer group sessions, lectures and films, among other things.

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Book yourself an appointment for support counselling, health counselling, sustainable lifestyle support, sexual health counselling or STI-testing via our booking page. You can either book a physical appointment at the Student Centre, or a telephone or video call.

Log in to view your appointments, reschedule a new one or cancel. You can also read or write a message to your contact, for example, if you want to rebook an appointment. If you have an appointment for a video call, log in and your contact will call you back. The login requires a Bank ID or an SMS code. If you have problems booking, you can call or email

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Important information once you've booked an appointment

  • For physical visits, you'll find us at Student Centre, Neptuniplan 7, Malmö. Turn to the reception on ground floor.
  • For video calls, you log in to our booking system with your Bank ID or password at the time of your call and wait to be called back.

  • Video calls do not work with the Internet Explorer browser; the browsers that work are Google Crome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

  • All visits at the Student Health Service are free of charge.
  • All staff at the Student Health Service are governed by the Information and Secrecy Act.
  • All contacts with the Student Health Service are noted in your medical record.

  • If your issue is urgent and you feel like the wait for an appointment is too long, please contact your local health clinic (vårdcentralen), call 1177 for guidance, or in the case of an emergency, contact the Emergency Psychiatric Clinic, 040-338 000.

  • You can reschedule or cancel in our online booking system.

Drop in at the Student Centre

  • Meet a counsellor on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.30–12.30. 
  • Meet a nurse on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11.30–12.30. Closed 6 April.

Phone counselling

  • Counsellor: Telephone hours on Monday–Thursday at 10.00–11.00. Call +46 40-665 71 70. Closed 20 March and 6 April.
  • Nurse: Telephone hours on Tuesdays at 9.00–10.00 and Fridays at 10.00–11.00. Call +46 40-665 71 70. Closed 10  March.

Contact us via email

You can email us at regarding general questions about our support, or if you have problems logging in. Never include confidential information in your email. You cannot make an appointment by emailing us.


Open lectures

Open lectures

Every semester, we offer open lectures on common themes that affect health and studies in various ways. The lectures are held at Orkanenbiblioteket room C:526 at 16.00–17.00

  • 18 April: Stress and recovery – about finding the balance between stress and recovery and what counts as recovery

The lectures are open to everyone and no registration is required.

Courses and groups

Do you repeatedly postpone your studying or do you find it difficult to organise your studies? Then the Student Health Service procrastination group may be for you! The purpose of the group is to work together to reduce procrastination and receive support towards behavioural change. 

The group meets every Wednesday at 15.30–17.00. The meetings will be on campus. 

You can join the group throughout the semester. The Student Health Service has continuous intake , which means you can end up in a queue and start when there is a place available. So first come, first served! 

There is also a Procrastination Group in Swedish, you will find more information on our Swedish website.

Date and time 

Wednesdays 15.30–17.00. Starts 25 January. 



Registration required

If you are interested, you are welcome to sign up by sending an email to Karin Hyleborg and we will contact you for more information. Participation is free of charge.

Films on health and studies

The Student Health Service’s films about stress and recovery, perfectionism and how to succeed with your thesis paper can help you during your studies.

Watch films on MauPlay

Test your lifestyle

Take the Student Health Service's digital tests to get a better picture of your lifestyle. How much do you exercise, do you drink too much, are you stressed, and how are you really feeling at the moment?

Presentations from lectures

Did you miss any of the Student Health Service’s lectures, or would you like to learn more about health with the help of our presentations? The presentations discuss themes such as procrastinaton, perfectionism and stress management.

Presentations from lectures

Open Door support for students

If you have been subjected to harassment or sexual harassment, you can seek support through "Open Door". You can get a support call during our telephone hours, or book a digital meeting by sending us an email.

Open Door support and counselling 040-665 70 43 Tuesdays and Thursdays 15.00–15.30

Comments or complaints regarding the Student Health Service

Comments or complaints regarding the Student Health Service should be directed to Jessica Wastring, the Director of Student Health Service.