The Student Health Service can help you with questions and concerns regarding your health and your studies. They offer counselling, advice, pregnancy tests and STI testing, and host events and lectures relating to lifestyle and mental health issues. Through the Student Health service you can access counsellors, a nurse and a midwife. All appointments are free, confidential and noted in your medical record.

Make an appointment 

Book an appointment for counselling, guidance or testing via our booking form

Phone counselling or drop-in

At the Student Health Service you can get counselling and advice via phone or drop-in. You can see a counsellor or nurse. Midwife is available on Wednesdays. 

Changes in opening hours

No dropin or telephone service on February 3 and 4.

Counselling and drop in for councellor

geo position Student Service Centre, Neptuniplan 7
phone icon +46 40-665 71 70
time Phone hours: Monday-Thursday 10-11 Drop-in: Monday-Thursday 11.30-12.30.

Advice and drop in for nurse

geo position Student Service Centre, Neptuniplan 7
phone icon +46 40-665 71 70
time Phone hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 9-10. Drop in: Tuesday and Wednesday 10-11.30. Take a queue ticket and take a seat.

Advice and drop in for midwife

geo position Student Service Centre, Neptuniplan 7
phone icon +46 40-665 71 70
time Midwife is available Wednesdays. Phone hours: Wednesday 9-10. Drop in: Wednesday 10-11.30. Take a queue ticket and take a seat.

Contact for general questions (no sensitive information or request for appointment)

email icon

Processing of personal data

When you visit the Student Health Service, Malmö University will collect information about your name, personal identity number, address, telephone number and email address. This record keeping and processing of personal data is part of the University's legal obligation in accordance with the Patient Data Act. 

The information is necessary in order to be able to provide good and secure service and is treated with confidentiality. The information is archived in accordance with Swedish law.

You can see what information is registered about you by contacting the Student Health Service at Comments on the processing of personal data can be submitted to the University's data protection representative at Complaints that cannot be resolved by Malmö University can be submitted to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. 

Help you can get

The Student Health Service can provide you with help and support. You can get support from our counsellors, advice on contraception, an individual programme to help you change your lifestyle, tests for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy tests.

Events and lectures


You can access many of the presentations and materials we use in our courses and lectures. You can use them if you have been to a lecture or on a course and you want to refresh your memory. The materials are also useful if you are just plain curious, or if you're looking for inspiration or self-help.

Presentations and materials used in our courses and lectures

Free tests for students

You can be tested for certain STIs, pregnancy and your living habits. All tests are free of charge and you are welcome to either make an appointment or drop in.

You can have tests carried out by a nurse or midwife for the following sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The waiting time for results will vary, depending on what is being tested for.

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea 
  • Syphilis
  • HIV

Pregnancy testing

You are welcome to have a free pregnancy test.

Test your living habits online

Carry out an online test to get an overview of your living habits.

Comments and complaints

Comments and complaints regarding the Student Health Service should be directed to Jessica Wastring, the Director of Student Health Service, who makes an initial assessment. The case is then handled according to the procedure for complaints and comments.