On this page, you will find information about the research internship courses on master level at the Department of Urban Studies (US). They can be elected for the third semester on our two-year master’s programmes. The course code depends on which master’s programme you study in.

Eligibility requirements and approval of placement

To do a research internship as part of your education, you need to sign up for a research internship course before your elective semester. What research internship course you should apply to depend on what programme you study. You can find more information and eligibility requirements below.

Common to all research internship courses are: 

  • you must be registered to one of these master’s programmes at US: Leadership and organisation – Societal challenges and organisational changes, Urban Studies Master's Programme or Urban Business and Development - Real Estate and Transport
  • you must sign up for the research internship course no later than 14 April
  • you must get the research internship position approved by the course coordinator (teacher in charge of the course)

Please note, position approved by the course coordinator is not the same as being eligible for the course. To be admitted to the course, you must meet its eligibility requirements as stated in the syllabus on your research internship course.

Finding your research internship placement

During the application period 15 March–14 April a list of research internship placements within the Department of Urban Studies will be published on Canvas. Placements within the department are limited. If you choose to find a research internship yourself it needs to be approved by your course coordinator. Also, before you start your research internship, an agreement must be signed between Malmö University and the organisation/company in question.

We recommend that you also apply for free-standing courses via universityadmissions.se or antagning.se, in case you should not find a research internship placement before the deadline, or if your placement is not approved to be part of the course.


  • The research internship must take place during the semester.
  • The research internship placement must provide an opportunity for the student to take part in research – this is not work placement. Please see the respective course syllabus.
  • The research internship placement must be unpaid; you are a student and should not be expected to perform as an employee with a salary. The research internship course qualifies you to apply for CSN funding.

How to apply

Your application is done directly to the course coordinator during the application period: 15 March–14 April. The instructions vary between the courses; please see Canvas or consult your course coordinator.

After applying, you can expect a notification from the course coordinator in May. An eligibility check is done before the semester start in August.

Research internship abroad

You may choose to do your research internship abroad. You are then responsible for obtaining a visa on time, housing, travel, etc. Please make sure to check how long the processing time is expected to be at the embassy if you need a visa.

As soon as your placement has been approved by the course coordinator, you will receive more information on how to obtain an insurance certificate.

More about internship abroad

Please note that the internship placement organisation information and the contact person must be in the country where you are doing your internship. Representatives from Swedish branches of an organisation are not approved.