On this page you will find information on what you need to think about when you return from your exchange studies. Find out about transcript of record, credit transfer, student exchange evaluation and how to share your experiences.

What do I need to do?

First of all, welcome back! Secondly, there are a few things you need to do now you have returned from your exchange.

Transcript of record and credit transfer

After you have completed your exchange, a Transcript of Records will be sent to us from your host university. If courses and credits correspond to your Learning Agreement, they can be counted towards your studies at Malmö University. Sometimes the Transcript of Records is sent directly to you, and sometimes to Malmö University.

All students must upload a copy of the Transcript of Records in the MoveON database under the tab 'After the mobility'. If the Transcript of Records is sent directly to you, you must also send a copy to your international coordinator.

Please note that only your credits, not your grades, will be published in Ladok. To show your grades from your exchange studies, use the Transcript of Records from your host university rather than the results in Ladok.

Upload your transcripts in the MoveON database

For students who does not have an elective semester at the Department of Urban Studies

It is your responsibility to apply for credit transfer. Fill out the form for credit transfer and submit it together with your Transcript of Records, Learning Agreement, as well as the syllabi for the courses you studied during your exchange. (If you have an elective semester you do not need to submit this.)

Application for credit transfer

Erasmus+ grant for exchange studies

If you have been awarded an Erasmus+ grant then you will receive detailed information via e-mail about what you need to do.

  • Submit your certificate of attendance to MoveON. Your host university has to complete the document and sign it. They thus certify the actual start and end date of your studies. The actual dates are then the basis for any adjustment of your total grant amount and second payment.
    Template for Certificate of Attendance
  • Submit your Transcript of Records to MoveON.

You upload and submit your documents to MoveON. You use the form ‘AFTER NOMINATION: Document upload for mobility abroad’. In the section ‘Supporting documents’ you choose ‘After the mobility’ in the scroll down list and upload your document in the section ‘Erasmus+ certificate of attendance’ and 'Transcript of Records'.

Submit your documents to MoveON

  • Complete a participant survey to the European Commission. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail with information and instructions from the European Commission’s evaluation system at the end of your exchange. The invitation will be sent to you on, or after your planned end date.

Student exchange evaluation

We are grateful for the submission of your student exchange evaluation at the end of your exchange. Your report is valuable to future exchange students who can share your experiences.

Submit your evaluation in the MoveON database

Share your experiences

  • continue to be involved and take part in Malmö University's Go International Week
  • join the upcoming kick-off as a returning student and help with advice to other students
  • sign up for information meetings and seminars to share your experiences

Join the Buddy programme

Being a buddy for students from around the world allows you to expand your network, make new friends and develop your language and leadership skills.

Buddy programme