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New procedures regarding older written exams

The release of old written exams now incurs a fee. If they are to be sent via email, the fee is calculated based on the number of files, where a fee is charged from the tenth file. Nine files are free, the fee for the tenth file is SEK 125 and then SEK 5 per file beyond that amount.

Digital ID

Please note that a digital ID through the BankID app is currently not an approved form of identification. You can find more information on what is considered approved forms of identification on this page. 

Prior to a sit-in exam

On this page you will find information about registration, forms of ID, exam schedule and more. Your lecturer will inform you about sit-in exams and take-home exams, and which type of assessment applies to your course.

How to register

Register for a written sit-in exam by logging into KronoX. Registration will open 21 days before the exam and close seven days before the examination date. The same applies for re-sits.

Register in KronoX

  1. Log in to Kronox using your computer identity and password (
  2. Find your exam under the tab ‘Activity registration’.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email when you register, and if you deregister. 
  4. Once you have registered, you will receive an email two days before the exam date with a time and place for the examination. Notifications are sent to your Ladok Student email address, so make sure that this is updated. 

As a student, you are obliged to keep yourself updated about the course schedule and register for exams according to university procedure. If you are unable to attend, you need to unregister for the exam no later than seven days before the exam date. 

Students from previous semesters

If you want to register for a sit-in exam and are registered on the course from a previous semester, you need to contact the Exam Administration by using our web form or email within the registration period to register for the exam. 

Contact us

Problems with registration?

If you have difficulties registering in KronoX, contact us by using our form. Make sure to get in touch no less than seven days before the examination date. Use your computer ID to login to fill out the form. 

Contact form for help with registration

Things to know before the exam

  • Students must present a valid photo ID with their name and date of birth to be allowed entry. Valid forms of ID include Swedish and foreign passports as well as national ID cards issued by a country in the Schengen area. If your ID has been stolen or lost, you can present a police report that states that your ID has been misplaced. The police report should not more than three months old and presented with a population registration certificate from Skatteverket. Please note that these documents need to be in paper form. 
  • Arrive in time. The doors close at the starting time. The doors will open again 30 minutes after the starting time to allow latecomers, there is no compensation for lost time. After the late admission, doors will lock and you will not be able to enter the building. 
  • If you are unable to attend, you need to unregister for the exam no later than seven days before the examination date.
  • After the registration period is closed, students cannot unregister for exams. This does not affect your registration for upcoming exams. 
  • If you are diabetic and need to bring your device into the exam hall, please contact us directly after registration.
  • If you use hearing aids, please contact us directly after registration.
  • If you have a protected identity, it's important that you bring the confidentiality certificate that you received from the University. If you haven't received this, you must contact us directly after registration.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to allow students from other institutions to sit their exams at Malmö University.
  • If you have registered to take two exams during the same time, you must contact us directly after registration.

Download the rules for students at sit-in exams (PDF, Box)

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Digital sit-in exams

  • Check that you can sign into your student account. Make sure that you know your computer identity and password, or write them down and bring them to the exam.
  • Take a demo digital exam to familiarise yourself with the exam form. Follow the links further down the page.
  • Arrive to the exam hall 30 minutes before the start of the exam.
  • A computer and keyboard will be available at your assigned seat in the exam hall.

Check the exam schedule

Before your sit-in exam, it is important that you check to make sure you have the right date and time. Remember that changes can be made at short notice.

You will be notified of which room your exam will take place in when you arrive at the building on the day of the exam. It is important to know your course’s course code. You can find the course code in the confirmation email from KronoX with your registration for the exam.

To view a complete exam schedule for your faculty or unit in KronoX, click the appropriate link. The schedule will show all exams during the following six months. If you have studied a course during a previous term, please note that course codes can alternate from semester to semester.

If you need learning support

Students who have a lasting disability such as dyslexia, ADHD, or impaired vision, can apply for learning support based on their individual needs. 

If you are entitled to learning support during exams (for instance access to a computer or an extension), you are required to register this in Kronox no later than seven days before the exam.

Click the 'Support' button after you have completed the application and choose what type of support you need for each exam. You can see the support that you have elected before the registration period closes if you click the ‘Support’ button. The chosen support is listed under 'Requested support'. If you have not registered your support it is listed under 'Available support'. If you are unsure about which learning support you have requested for an upcoming exam and the registration has closed please contact the Exam Administration.

Register the need for study support in Kronox

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. Make sure you include your name, your personal identification number, the name of your course, and the date and time of your exam.

Contact us

If you are to write your exam in a separate room or with a smaller group, you will receive a confirmation email stating the room number. The email will be sent from the Exam Administration three to four days before the exam. They will inform your lecturer about where you will be taking the exam. Please show the document that certifies your disability to the examiner.  

All students with learning support who use a computer, speech synthesis and spelling programme, will write their exams in the program Inspera.

Read more about learning support

Exam hall: Kranen

Sit-in exams take place at Malmö University’s exam hall, Kranen. Kranen is suited for both paper exams and digital exams (digitams). 

Your schedule will indicate where your exam will take place. Sit-in exams at Kranen are marked 'KR:tentasal 1-6' in Kronox. When you arrive at the building on the day of the exam, you will get information about which room your exam will take place in.

Kranen is open to students 45 minutes before the exam starts, up until 45 minutes after the exam has started. 

Storage lockers in Kranen

You are not allowed to bring personal belongings, such as wristwatches, outerwear, bags, and electronic devices (such as mobile phones and fitness trackers) into the exam halls. Storage lockers are located outside the exam halls in Kranen.

The lockers lock using a four-digit pin code that you select upon arrival. You use the same pin code to lock and open the locker.

The lockers are 40 x 40 x 40 cm in size. Keep in mind that your personal belongings should be able to fit into these lockers.

Writing a sit-in exam

Below you find information and rules for when writing a sit-in exam.   

Rules during exams

  • Students must present a valid photo ID with their name and date of birth to be allowed entry. Valid forms of ID include Swedish and foreign passports, Swedish driver licenses, as well as national ID cards issued from a country in the Schengen area. If your ID has been stolen or lost, you can present a police report that states that your ID has been misplaced. The police report should not be older than 3 months.
  • Arrive in good time. The doors close at the start of the exam and students who are late will be let in 30 minutes later without compensation for lost time. 
  • The exam invigilator will provide you with instructions and decide where each student is to be seated. Only sheets of paper provided by the invigilator are permitted.
  • Please note that you must use a ink pen when filling out the exam cover. It is your examinor who decides which kind of pen to use for the rest of the exam. Please also note that a student is responsible for bringing their own pens. 
  • Bags and garments, as well as phones and other smart devices, must be stored at an assigned location during the exam.
  • There are bathrooms either in the exam room or adjacent to the exam room.
  • Students can bring food and beverages to exams.
  • Out of consideration for those with allergies, avoid bringing nuts or wearing strong perfumes.
  • You are no longer allowed to wear wristwatches during the exams. There are clocks in all examination rooms.

Cheating and disruptive behaviour

Students who disturb or obstruct examination will be required to stop their own exam and leave the room. Anyone suspected of cheating will be reported to the Disciplinary Board.

See your exam results

You get your exam results no later than 15 working days after the exam. The grade for your exam should be registered in Ladok for students no later than five working days after you receive notification of your results.

Log in to Ladok for students with your computer identity

Grading – paper exam

Your teacher will provide you with information about when and where you can pick up your graded paper exam. 

See your graded digital sit-in exam in Inspera

  • You can see the result of your exam when the examiner has graded it. The examiner will inform you when you can see your result in Inspera.
  • Your graded exam is available on the webpage Inspera, under the section ‘Archive’.
  • Log into Inspera with your computer identity; the same ID that you used during the exam.
  • To see the graded exam and the examiner’s comments, click on ‘See more details’ and then on the link ‘Grader feedback questions’.
  • If the link ‘Grader feedback questions’ is missing, you have not received any comments from the examiner and you can see the grading under ‘View without downloading’ instead.


Retrieve previous digital written exam materials

Contact us to retrieve previous digital written exams. Please note that we can only provide exams that have been written digitally in Inspera. To get previous paper-based exams, you have to contact your faculty.

Use your computer ID to log in.

Ordering previous digital exams (Service Portal)


All resits require registration in Kronox. The registration period opens 21 days before the exam and closes seven days before the examination date. If you can't find the course you want to register for under the 'Exams' tab, contact us. 

Use your computer ID to log in. 

Contact us for help with registration (Service Portal)


Contact us by using our web form, or by email

Contact form

Contact by phone

You can also reach the Exam Administration by phone number 040-665 83 00