A warm welcome to Malmö University! Use the checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything before the start of the semester. Find practical information for all new students. Specific information about your course or programme will be provided by email.

What you need to do before the start of the semester

1. Read the welcome email

Malmö University sends out welcome emails to all newly admitted students. The email contains important information, so please read it carefully. The emails are sent to the address you registered at universityadmissions.se. Please check all your inboxes, including spam folders, if you cannot find the emails.

Contact the Student Administration

2. Request your computer identity

With your computer identity (student account), you get access to Ladok for students, where you can register for courses and see your study results. You'll be using your computer identity during your entire time as a student to log in to computers and web platforms, such as the learning platform Canvas.

You will also need a computer identity to get a multicard, which is used to access buildings, borrow library books, make copies and print. Once you have a computer identity, you can get a WiFi account to access the University's wireless network, Eduroam.

If you are experiencing issues when requesting your computer identity, please contact our Helpdesk.

Request computer identity

IT-support for students

3. Register for your studies

To keep your place on the course/programme, please make sure to register in time. The welcome email from your faculty/department will specify the time frame for when you can register for your education. You can also find this information in Ladok for students. You must register for the education you have been admitted to in order to participate in the studies and so that your teachers can inform you of your study results.

How to register

For most education, including distance studies, you can register online through Ladok for students. You will need a computer identity (student account) in order to register. You can see what courses you have registered for on the home page, under 'Current courses' in Ladok for students.

Choose 'Access through your institution' when you register through Ladok for students.

Register for your studies via Ladok (usually a week prior to the semester start)

If you are admitted to an education where online registration is not applied, you will find information about how and when to register for your studies in the welcome email from your faculty/department.

Register via the Student Administration

If you have been conditionally admitted, you cannot register online. Instead, contact the Student Administrator at your faculty. In the welcome email from your faculty/department, you will find information about which faculty you belong to.

Contact the Student Administration

4. Check when your education starts

You can find information about the start date for your programme or course in the welcome email from your faculty/department.

The welcome emails are sent to the address you registered at universityadmissions.se. Please check all your inboxes, including spam folders, if you cannot find the emails.

Student grants and loans

You may have a right to student finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance if you live in Sweden and fulfil certain conditions.

Student grants and loans for studies in Sweden

Find our premises and contact us

The University campus is spread across several different buildings that are labelled differently in the schedule. Many of the premises have computers that you can use. The library has study environments that are suitable both if you want to study on your own and if you need to work together with others.

Opening hours

Most of the University's buildings are open during office hours. As a student, you can access several of the buildings with your multicard and PIN code.

Opening hours for the University's buildings

Contact the Student Administration

The Student Administration will help you with practicalities during your studies. Depending on your study programme, you should contact different student administrators.

Contact the Student Administration


All students admitted to courses and programmes taught in English are invited to take part in the Malmö University Orientation. The orientation consists of lectures and activities that are designed to help you become acquainted with Sweden, Malmö and the University. You will get the chance to meet other students and get to know your new surroundings.

Information about the orientation will be emailed to all newly-admitted students prior to the start of the semester.

Read more and sign up for Orientation

Academic calendar

  • Autumn 2023: 28 August – 14 January
  • Spring 2024: 15 January – 2 June
  • Autumn 2024: 2 September – 19 January
  • Spring 2025: 20 January – 8 June

Some programmes and courses may start a few days earlier, or later, than our regular term dates. Therefore, please make sure to always check the schedule of your programme or course.