The course 'Internship – Reflecting on learning through practice' (30 credits) is an elective course aimed at students in their fifth semester of the bachelor’s programme in 'Interaction Design' or 'English Studies'. It is also open to those studying Swedish-taught bachelor's programmes offered at K3.


To be eligible for the course you must have:

  • applied to the course using an online form no later than 15 April for internships during the autumn semester and 15 October for internships during the spring semester. 
  • found an internship within your main field of study, and handed in complete details by 2 June for internships during the autumn semester, and 1 December for internships during the spring semester.
  • had the internship approved by the programme coordinator
  • completed all credits from semesters one, two and three, as well as 15 credits from semester four by 15 June for internships during the autumn semester and 15 December for internships during the spring semester.  

Internships cannot be conducted as part of your programme unless all the above criteria are fulfilled.


Getting an internship does not mean you are eligible for the course. You must have completed 105 credits within your programme to be eligible for the course. The University will sign a contract with your internship placement. You will be admitted to the course when both parties have signed the contract.


You apply to the course by form between 15 March–15 April for internships during the autumn semester. For internships during the spring semester, you need to apply between 15 September–15 October. The next step is to fill out details about your internship and submit by form no later than 2 June (autumn semester internships) and 1 December (spring semester internships).

The next step is to submit your internship information through a form by 2 June. 

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The structure of the internship

The course is centred on experience-based self-study. This means that you learn by completing the tasks you receive during your internship. You are expected to work independently and contribute to your workplace, but it is important that both you and your placement is aware that you are not expected to take responsibility for the workplace’s activities. You are required to have regular contact with your placement supervisor.


The course Internship - Reflecting on one's own practice is full-time and runs during the autumn or spring semester. The internship must start and end within this timeframe.

Working hours and examination assignments

You decide together with your internship placement how you should structure your working hours. The internship should comprise a total of 480 hours over at least 15 working weeks during the semester.
This will include time for self-studies each week. Therefore, the intention is not that you should work 40 hours a week for your internship, but about 32 hours a week.

To pass the course you must hand in mandatory examination assignments, and it is recommended that you spend time on these assignments every week during the internship. Your academic supervisor, with whom you can discuss the assignments during the course, will be a lecturer from K3. With the exception of an internship conference in December, there are no physical meetings at the University during the course. Information and contact with supervisors are managed online. 

Find an internship

You are responsible for finding an internship yourself. Here are some examples of previous internship placements. The following requirements are made on the internship:

  • the tasks are relevant to your main field of study, and require higher education within the field (consult your programme coordinator if you have any questions regarding this requirement)
  • you have an employed supervisor with experience within the field
  • the internship lasts for a minimum of 15 weeks, with a total of 480 hours
  • the internship is at an established organisation or company
  • the internship is unpaid

K3 has put together information for the internship placement that you should discuss with them before agreeing on the placement.

If your internship does not meet the above requirements, or if mandatory information is missing from your application, you will need to submit supplementary information to the study administrator by June 10.

If you need a certificate of enrolment

If your internship requires a certificate of enrolment or proof that the internship is part of your education, you can contact the student administration at K3

Internship abroad

You can choose to do your internship abroad. If you choose to do so, you are responsible for obtaining a visa and must cover all accommodation and travel costs yourself. For internships in countries with visa requirements, it is important that you apply for your visa as early as possible.

After an internship at a workplace outside of Sweden is approved by the University, you will be contacted with more information about how to submit additional information to enable you to obtain an insurance certificate.

Please note that contact person and organisation details should be in the country in which you are doing your internship. Representatives from organisations in Sweden are not accepted.

You can get more info about internship abroad, insurance and scholarships here

Internship Expo

You are expected to present your internship to other students at K3’s Internship Conference in December.
This is an important examination assignment in the course. The date for the Internship conference will be announced at the end of the spring semester. 

If you do your internship abroad, or for any other reason are not able to participate in the conference, alternative arrangements to present your internship will be made.

Internship Expo Exhibition space 2023

In the 2023 digital exhibition, students presented their internships in an online exhibition space. 

Enter the exhibition space