As a support person for a student with a disability you have a very important role. A support person can work as a note-taking support, a mentor, a guide or a writing support. As a support person you support a student to succeed in their studies whilst at the same time learning a lot yourself.  

Apply to be a mentor

There are two ways to apply to be a mentor: applying via e-mail or completing an application form online.

To apply via e-mail, send an e-mail to the Mentoring Coordinator ( and include:

  • A bit of information about yourself and why you would like to work as a mentor
  • A CV
  • A photo of your passport or a population registration certificate (in Swedish: personbevis)
  • If you would also be interested in working as a note-taker, a guide or a writing support. The mentoring coordinator can tell you more about these roles.

After receiving your e-mail, the Mentoring Coordinator will then contact you to arrange a meeting.  

Apply to be a mentor

You can also apply by completing an online application form. Once we have received your application you will be contacted by the Mentoring Coordinator.

Complete an application form

Payment information

You will get paid for your work as a support person. We regularly offer (compensated) training courses for which you will receive a certificate. 

1. Register your bank account

Salaries from the University are paid via the bank Danske Bank. New employees must submit their account details in order for their salary to be paid into their personal accounts. 

How to register your bank account

2. Register as an hourly employee

3. Report your time

Report your time in the self-reporting system. To log in, use the same user ID and password that you use to log into your computer. During the summer there is an exception. All hours reported after June 15 are paid out at the end of September.

Log into the self-reporting system

Guide on how to report your hours worked