Showcase Malmö University as a student ambassador or digital ambassador.

Student ambassador

If you are a social person who enjoys meeting new people, then becoming a student ambasador could be something for you.

As a student ambassador, you act as a spokesperson for Malmö University and primarily represent your programme. The work is social and you will get to know other student ambassadors from different programmes.

Every year, Malmö University organises education fairs and other events to promote our programmes. In these efforts, our student ambassadors play an important role by presenting their own programmes but also the entire university. Other examples of assignments include helping with orientation and arrival for international students, study visits, filming promotional material and various other on campus events.

To become a student ambassador, you need to have a work permit that allows you to work in Sweden.

Practical information — student ambassador

Application form

Register your interest by sending an email with a short presentation of yourself and describe why you want to be a student ambassador. Make sure to mention which programme and semester you are studying. We do not accept applications if you are in your last semester.

Introduction and training

In order to work as a student ambassador, you need to participate in an introduction session. Here we go through what is expected of you as a student ambassador. You will receive information and knowledge so that you are ready for the assignment. The training is not paid.


The hourly salary is SEK 130.


When you complete your programme and leave the university, you can reference your work at the University.

Become a digital ambassador for the University's Instagram account

Do you enjoy being creative and creating content for social media? Work as a digital ambassador on our Instagram account @malmostudent.

What does it mean being a digital ambassador?

As a digital ambassador, you will represent Malmö University. With pictures, film, and text, you showcase what it's like to be a student in your programme, at the University, and in the city of Malmö.

The ambassadorship lasts for one year. You manage the Instagram account for a two-week period, but you can take over the account more than once during the year. Apply in November to become one of next year's ambassadors.

You use your mobile phone camera for filming and photography. You should be comfortable both behind and in front of the camera.

Practical information — digital ambassador


Register your interest by sending an email with a short presentation about yourself, which course and semester you are studying. We will not accept applications if you are in your final semester.


To work as a digital ambassador, you need to take an introduction course. During the training, we will go through the rules and approach for the Instagram account, and what is expected of you. You will also have the opportunity to tell us if you have something specific you want to show on the account, such as studies abroad, internships, or other commitments. The training is not paid.


Salary is 650 SEK per week (130 SEK per hour). You need a Swedish personal ID number.