For some programmes and courses, there is a possibility to travel abroad to collect data for your thesis or degree project. To see if this possibility is open to you, begin by checking the syllabus of your programme and the course in which you are doing the thesis.

The Crafoord Foundation Travel Grant

Malmö University announces Crafoord Foundation travel grants of 15,000 SEK each, for students who want to travel to a country outside of Europe/EEA for a minimum of three weeks to collect data for their bachelor's or master's thesis.

Application periods 2023

Eligibility and qualifications

To be eligible, you must:

  • Study at a bachelor's or master's level and use the travel grant to collect data in your host country for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis for a minimum of three weeks.
  • Be registered as a student at Malmö University at the time of application.
  • Choose a host country outside of the EU/EEA (that is not part of the Erasmus) to which the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) does not advise against travel.  

How to apply

It is your own responsibility to come up with, and develop a project idea.

The assessment of your application will consider how doable your proposed project is, therefore it is important that you clearly explain:

  • what you want to do
  • where you want to do it
  • how it will be done; methods, theory
  • who will help you, i.e. your contact/s in the host country

To apply, follow these three steps:

Log in to the application portal and choose ‘Application for the Crafoord Foundation Travel Grant'. Use your computer identity to log in. 

Link to application portal

A complete application includes the following 5 documents. Upload the document in the application system. 

a. Project description

The project description should be in English and consist of a minimum of two, maximum three A4 pages, 12 p Times New Roman, 1,5 line spacing and contain:

  • Background and purpose of the project
  • Time plan
  • Method; description of the planned work as well as contacts in the host country.
  • Ethical considerations. Please note that interviews/observations of children and/or people in some kind of vulnerable positions are generally not approved.

b. Simple budget

The budget should include travel costs, daily expenses (based on the living costs of the host country), as well as any vaccinations, visas and permits.

c. Statement from the supervisor/teacher at Malmö University

The statement should certify that the project description is suitable in relation to your field of study as well as to your study plan. It should also certify that you, at the time of departure, will be appointed a supervisor for your thesis work.

d. Transcript of Records from Ladok

A document that proves that you are a registered student at Malmö University as well as your study results. Results from other universities can also be submitted.

e. CV

A CV where you list previous studies, relevant experiences, and contact information.

Make sure everything is included and submit your application online. The decision will be announced via email.

Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed by the Malmö University scholarship committee, in which all faculties are represented. 

Recipients of the trave grant must submit a travel report after completed time abroad.

If for any reason you do not complete your period abroad, the grant money must be repaid.

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The Erasmus+ programme offers the possibility of applying for a grant in order to do fields studies or data collection at a company or organisation in connection to a thesis or degree project in Europe. 

More information about the Erasmus+ grant

Go International for all

All students have equal and fair access and possibility to participate. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions, if you are in need of support, or if you have a disability. Additional scholarship funds are available within some exchange programmes for students who, for example, travel with a child or have a disability.

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