The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) programme unites undergraduate education and faculty research in a team-based context. As a VIP student you earn academic credits, while working in connection with a research project.

About Vertically Integrated Projects

VIP provide a multi-year, multidisciplinary approach to learning that is project-based, innovative, and research-active. It is an opportunity to practice professional skills while making real-world contributions in a research context. You will be working with researchers and students from all levels of study. 

Vertically Integrated Projects are:

  • Ambitious: Embedded in faculty scholarship and exploration
  • Collaborative: Enabled by vertical integration of teams
  • Large-scale: Teams can have dozens of students
  • Long-term: They span semesters, even years
  • Multidisciplinary: Students from different programmes participate

You must apply to a team before applying to the course to ensure there is a VIP team within your interests and competencies. You apply by contacting the VIP team leader and the responsible student administrator.

How can I be a part of VIP?

Follow these steps to join a VIP team

Choose a VIP-team that you would like to be part of

Email the team instructor with the following information: 

  • What are you studying now?
  • In a few sentences, tell us why you have chosen this team and what you think you can contribute.

Write to the responsible student administrator

At the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, that is Bodil Sterner. Ask to be registered to the relevant VIP course. All new students should apply to the course VIP: Research Integrated Development Project. Students who have already taken the basic course should apply to the course VIP: Research Integrated Development Project, continuing course.