Help is on hand if you require support with either academic writing, deepening your knowledge of mathematics or enhancing your digital skills. Examples of the services we offer include help to: hone your writing technique to produce a more coherent thesis text, correctly reference source material, complete ongoing maths courses, or use film, audio and web tools.

Distance tutoring

The Writing Centre is now offering online tutoring via the video conferencing tool Zoom. You are welcome to book an appoint with us. Before your appointment, we will send you an email with a link to connect via Zoom. You do not need to have Zoom installed on your device.

We are currently not offering any drop-in services. All our meetings are online via the video conferencing tool Zoom.

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The Writing Centre – an academic writing resource

We're here to guide you in your work with different writing tasks and can answer questions about texts and language. While we do not proofread and point out grammar and spelling errors, we can help you find strategies to develop your writing skills to help you with your studies.

We are also available for questions related to study techniques, reading and oral presentations. 

The Writing Centre can help you with: 

  • instructions and help to clarify tasks
  • the writing process and the development of reasoning
  • text and sentence structure and context
  • bibliography and source management
  • grammar
  • reading
  • oral presentation

How to best use your time at the Writing Centre

Bring your document to your writing tutorial in a digital format, on a USB stick or on your computer, or save your document on the university server and log into a computer in the Writing Centre with your university computer ID.

Preparations for meeting a tutor at the Writing Centre

Bring your document to your writing tutorial in a digital format, please use Microsoft Word if possible. This programme is free to all students and can be obtained via the IT Support for students.

Please upload your document to your booking on the booking page. You can always log in to your booking and upload. That way the Writing Centre tutors will be able to open your work on the computer and make comments and corrections in person.

Keep in mind that your tutorial is not long. If you have a particular portion of text that you need special help with, bring just that portion to the tutor's attention.

Remember that we are not correcting your document, but teaching you principles of self-correction. We will look at particular sentences and phrases that can be corrected or re-worked for effectiveness and clarity. However, you will not walk away from this tutorial with a perfect document that is ready to hand-in to your instructor. You will walk away with increased knowledge on how to correct your own work.

Group tutoring

We can receive students in small groups (a maximum of five students per group), for pedagogical review of details relating to writing, reading, language and study techniques. One student makes the appointment and in the booking lists the names of the others and what it is you want to improve upon.

University courses

There are a number of free-standing courses available if you want to improve your English language skills. You apply as you would to any other university course. 

Improve your English

Basic English Grammar Skills for University, 7.5 credits

The aim of the course is to develop your English grammar and communications skills in order to facilitate successful study at university level.

Basic English Reading and Vocabulary Skills for University, 7.5 credits

This course offers support if you need to improve your English vocabulary and reading comprehension skills in English in order to facilitate successful study at university level.

Basic English Writing and Presenting Skills for University, 15 credits

The aim of the course is for you to acquire knowledge and understanding of various types of academic language. You also develop your ability and assurance to communicate, both in writing and orally, and to observe established genre conventions.

English for Professional Purposes, 15 credits 

This course in English for professional application stresses three particular aspects: the logical organisation and presentation of ideas; detailed proof-reading; and the conventions of various writing genres, such as business e-mails and proposals.

Speech and Presentation Technique through Drama-Rask, 4 credits

The aim of the course is to develop oral skills needed to succeed in using English at the university. Through the use of drama and acting techniques for voice and speech designed by actors, the student will discover an awareness of and improve the vocal apparatus and their body and the skills to use them in public speaking.

Helpful links

Helpful links for you who wish to learn more about academic writing and critical thinking.

List of useful links


Make an appointment at the Writing Centre

Register and create an account to make an appointment at the Writing Centre. If you want help making an appointment you are welcome to our drop-in at the Orkanen library's entrance. 

The Writing Centre is located in Room B530, Orkanen library, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10

Thematic Days in The Writing Centre

Students interested in developing their language and writing skills are welcome to thematic workshops with the Writing Centre. You can participate actively by discussing and asking questions, or just join in and listen.

Maths workshops are for all students regardless of education and knowledge of mathematics. You can attend to deepen your knowledge of mathematics and get help in your ongoing mathematics courses.

Two workshops with different profiles – which one is right for you?

For questions about basic maths issues, you can visit the maths workshop which takes place on Tuesdays from 13.15 to 16.30, in room F409 in Orkanen. This workshop is staffed by teachers from the teacher training education. 

Contact Magnus Jakobsson

For more advanced maths issues, you can visit the maths workshop at the Faculty of Technology and Society. Here the focus is on the mathematics that is required in technical education. This workshop is open every Thursday from 15.15 to 17.00.

Digimentors at Medieverkstaden

Please note that digimentors are not available during the 2020 spring semester. We hope that operations will be back to normal in the fall semester.

Would you like to use film, audio or web tools for an assignment or your thesis? The digimentors are here to help you! The digimentors are themselves students and have competences including:

  • video and photography
  • audio production
  • graphic design and interactive visualisation
  • web design

Contact Medieverkstaden

geo position Room C527, Orkanen library, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10
email icon
time Drop-in: Tuesdays 12–13 and Thursdays 15–16