On 12–13 October, Malmö is to host the International Forum at Malmö live and Malmömässan. The event will have a great impact on traffic and public transport. Please note that Neptunigatan will be closed at times.

When moving around Malmö during these two days, you'll have to consider that traffic will be impacted in the whole city. It will be especially difficult to travel by car or bus in the area around the Niagara and Nereus buildings. Trains may also be affected.

Neptunigatan will be closed at times, most significantly during Tuesday afternoon and throughout the night, as well as Wednesday morning.

The Police will be present both inside Niagara and in the general area.

Impact on University premises

Some of the University's premises will be closed:

  • The roof terrace at Niagara will be closed for all visitors from Tuesday afternoon up until Wednesday at noon. 
  • Teaching rooms and halls facing Neptunigatan will not be utilised.

About Malmö Forum

Leaders and organisations from all over the world will gather to participate in the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism. The purpose of the forum is to jointly take concrete steps forward in the work on Holocaust remembrance and the fight against antisemitism. Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén is host to representatives from around fifty countries set to take part in the conference.