Do you have a teacher who inspires you? A person who creates an inclusive environment and makes you want to learn more? Nominate them for the Malmö University Teaching Award, an award for exceptional educational contributions through teaching handed out by the Educatonal Advisory Board together with the student unions. 

This is how the nomination for Pedagogical Award is assessed

Teacher, teacher group or other staff member working with educational activities: 

  • are encouraging and supporting student learning, enabling students to attain the relevant learning outcomes.
  • encourages a learning environment where particular emphasis is placed on having a good approach to and being inclusive of students.

To think about when submitting your nomination

In your own words, describe why you think the candidate meets the criteria above and thereby deserves the award.

Most important, the nomination is to show the candidate’s teaching strengths. Describe, for example, situations when the candidate has helped you truly learn something. You may also describe the candidate’s approach to e.g. the planning and implementation of teaching, or how you, as a student, were made involved in the planning.

Keep in mind that the justifications must be sufficiently long as to allow us to make an assessment, approx. 300–500 words.

Submit your nomination by June 18

Nominations must be submitted by June 18. Incomplete or late nominations will not be considered. 

The award consists of a scholarship that will provide the opportunity for further educational development for the teacher or teacher group.


If you have any questions, please contact Gunilla Assarson